Bear Necessaries - Stroller Hook

Stroller Hook

Outings with your baby can be stressful and strenuous on you the parent.  Let's face it strollers are not designed with accessible or sufficient storage space in mind. There are times when you feel loaded down! With the Bear Necessaries Stroller hook you can remove that load off your shoulder, literally.

  • The Bear Necessaries Stroller hook allows you to hang in size bag on any size stroller. Perfect for diaper bags, purses, and shopping bags!
  • With your items hanging on your strollers handle you can easy access your items you don’t have to worry about waking or disturbing your baby!
  • Now you not juggling all your baggage! You can focus on the important things. Your baby’s need, completely your daily errands or enjoying your outing with your baby!

Click here to your purchase your Bear Necessaries Stroller Hook for $9.99 now!