Seat Belt Adjuster

Seat Belt Adjuster

About the Product

For children who have outgrown their booster seat.
Adjusts seatbelt to fit correctly across the shoulder and lap. Keeps seatbelt away from your child's neck. Area.
Crash-tested absorbs shock make's travelling safer and comfortable for your child.
Made from air mesh fabric, washable, easy installation and use
For ages 7 and up

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Seat Belt Adjuster

 Product reviews:

This book is perfect for travel. If you're a business traveler that brings a carry on luggage and a backpack, you can easily hook your backpack to the luggage and roll it with ease.

These hooks are perfect for attaching the baby's bag and shopping bags to the stroller. The large size allows them to fit comfortably around the stroller's handles and to attach most items.

The Handy Stroller Hook gives us the ability to free our hands by placing bags, jackets and other items while we focus on our kids. It's a stroller must have. It's very durable and can hold many things.

Seat Belt Adjuster Seat Belt Adjuster