Bear Necessaries Stroller Hook Set

Stroller Hook Set

Need An Extra Set Of Hands When You're Out And About?

Let's face it STROLLERS, are not designed with ACCESSIBLE and SUFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE in mind. There are times when you feel loaded down, with DIAPER BAGS, PURSES, SHOPPING BAGS, or GROCERY CARRIERS. Let us remove the load off your shoulder, LITERALLY!
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Truly life savers. I got a newborn I gotta take up 3 flights of stairs in his carrier. Any grocery bags I can latch on to this allow me to carry him and those in one trip. I can take about 6 to 8 bags. One with formula. One with toilet paper and bread. Two with various cans. One jug of milk. And I don't recall what was in the other ones. Oh ya frozen food probably. The foam grip handles allow me to carry everything with ease. I gotta save whatever energy I can for my new little crawler who manages to get in to everything

These hooks are a great addition to my stroller. Although it's a challenge to unhook things one-handed (I'm sure those with babies can related to doing many things one-handed), these are super convenient to have, and make shopping with a stroller so much easier.

The Handy Stroller Hook gives us the ability to free our hands by placing bags, jackets and other items while we focus on our kids. It's a stroller must have. It's very durable and can hold many things.

I purchased these for a trip to Disney and it was so helpful to have these hooks. After Disney I gave them for my dad to use on his electric wheelchair and my mom loves having them when they go shopping to be able to hang shopping bags on the back of his chair so she doesn't have to carry them.

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