Carrier For Babies - Comfortable Baby Sling Plus Nursing Cover

About the Product

ep your baby calm and content with the sound of your beating heart. Designed to keep your baby snug and relaxed. Making your outings with your newborn enjoyable.
Super comfortable Easy and simple to use, Strong double lock buckle allows you to carry your child safer than other wraps with a steel ring. Holds Up to 30 lbs perfect baby shower gifts for boys or girls.
Hand free Breast feeding Different carrying positions allows for suitable for nursing with privacy of a nursing cover without an extra product.
Lightly padded shoulder distributes weight through torso and avoids straining the neck and back.
Free from any harmful dyes or chemicals, machine washable for the easy cleans.

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Product Reviews:

Great for mom’s in big cities who use subways and buses to get around town.

I just love this sling we bought this to visit the grandparents made getting around with your newborn much easier than a stroller.

It really works my baby is much calmer when in the sling then her stroller. Takes the stress of a crying baby away when out or just need to get things done

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