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Baby Bottle Tote Bag

Baby Bottle Tote Bag

About the Product

• PROTECTS & INSULATES: This beautifully crafted drinks carrier fits snuggly around bottles or cans offering insulation and protection. It keeps drinks cool for up to 4 hours, depending on outside temperatures.

• EASILY FITS INTO DIAPER BAGS AND PURSES: This stylish carrier offers a discreet way to safely transport beverages, snack and food at the perfect tempter.

• FITS ALL BRANDS OF BABY BOTTLES: Including Avent, Tommee Tippee, Nuk, And Medela.

• BUILT TO LAST AND NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Made from BPA and Phthalate Free neoprene material, which is insulating and non-toxic.

• BREEZE TO CLEAN, MAINTAIN, AND TO STORE: Stores flat saving you space, machine washable saves you time or can be wipe down with disinfect wipe.

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Baby Bottle Tote Bag

 Product reviews:

Excellent child safety devices. No more worry about pinched fingers in my office door anymore.

Great just to quiet a slamming door in your house.

Was given a set of these in exchange for my review, and I'm glad I got them. Besides the fact they'll keep your children from getting door-pinched, they're great for keeping doors propped open that often get slammed shut by the wind. They're a soft-core foam, which makes them really pliable, but they retain their form very well in the few months I've had them. I'd say the only complaint I have is that I didn't get enough of them for my entire house when I had the chance. Would I buy more of these? Absolutely!

Baby Bottle Tote Bag Baby Bottle Tote Bag